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Dr. Abdur Rob Khan

Full Time Faculty
Professor & Treasurer

Ph.D. in International Relations, University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC), UK
Post- Doctoral ( Senior Fulbright Fellow), UPenn, USA 

Phone: +880-2-55668200 Ext: 2103

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Abdur Rob Khan, a former Research Director at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) for more than fifteen years, is a Professor and Chair at the department of Political Science and Sociology (PSS), North South University (NSU), Dhaka. With a Ph. D. in International Relations from the University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC), UK, Dr. Khan specialized in security and conflict studies. His area of interests also branched out to non-traditional security, including human security. At NSU, Dr. Khan teaches International Relations and China Studies at Undergraduate levels and International Business at graduate levels.  Dr. Khan has published widely articles in professional journals, book chapters and edited several volumes in the fields of security, conflicts,


-“Intelligence and Human Security: A Bangladesh Perspective” in A.S.M. Ali  AShraf (ed.), Intelligence, National Security and Foreign Policy: A South Asian Narrative, Dhaka: Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs (BILIA), in collaboration with Department of International Relations, Dhaka University, 2016: 69-82

-“National Security of Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Approach” in C.R. Abrar (ed.), Bangladesh in International Relations 2012-13, Dhaka: Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs, 2014: 179-212

“CHT Regional Council: Regional Autonomy with Unitary System of Bangladesh” in Lok Raj Baral and Krishna Hachhethu (eds.), South Asia Nation Building and Federalism, Kathmandu: Nepal Center for Contemporary Studies, 2014: 70-87

-“Rise of China: Perspectives from South Asia” in Bhuian Md. Monoar Kabir (ed.), Sino-South Asian Relations: Continuity and Change, Chittagong: Department of Political Science, University of Chittagong, 2013: 87-109

-First author along with A.K.M. Abdus Sabur, Human Security Index for South Asia,  Dhaka : University Press Limited, 2011

“Global Security: Trends and Issues”, BIISS Journal, 31(4), October 2010: 39-71

-[Book] First Author with AKM Abdus Sabur, Human Security in South Asia: Exploring Relevant Issues, Dhaka: University Press Limited, 2010

- [Article in Book]  “Introduction”  in Farooq Sobhan (ed.) Trends in Militancy in Bangladesh, Dhaka: University Press Limited, 2010:1-9

- [Article in Book] : “Counter Terrorism Strategy of Bangladesh: National and International Dimensions” in Farooq Sobhan (ed.) Bangladesh-India Relations: Security Dimensions, Dhaka: University Press Limited, 2011

-Modernization of Madrassa Education in Bangladesh: A Strategy Paper, Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, June 2011

-“Anatomy of Coercive Governance in Bangladesh(2007-08), (Co-authored with M. Abdul Latif),  Asian Studies, Journal of Department of Government and Politics, Jahangir Nagar University, No. 30, June 2011

-Coauthored [as first author], “Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Security of Bangladesh 2008: The Case of Human Trafficking”  in Sheikh Md.  Monirul Islam (ed.), National Security of Bangladesh 2008, Dhaka: University Press Limited, 2009

-“Countering Terrorism in Bangladesh: The Way Forward” in Farooq Sobhan, Counter Terrorism Strategy in Bangladesh, Dhaka: University Press Limited, 2008

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Whither National Security Bangladesh 2007,  Dhaka: University Press Limited, 2008

-[Book] Editor, BIMSTEC-Japan Comprehensive Economic Cooperation: Bangladesh Perspectives,  Kolkata: Bookwell Publishers, 2007

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 -“Impact of 9/11 on Security of South Asia” in Farooq Sobhan (ed.), Strengthening Security

 Cooperation in South Asia in post-9/11 Era, Dhaka: University Press Limited, 2007

-“Non-traditional Security of Bangladesh : Framework and Issues” in Mufleh R Osmany and Muzaffer Ahmed (eds.), Security in the New Millennium, Dhaka : Academic Press and Publishers, 2003

-“Comprehensive Security in South Asia: A Bangladesh Perspective” in V.R. Raghavan(ed.) Comprehensive Security in South Asia, New Delhi, 2002




-Was awarded a three-month Visiting Fellowship at the Strategic annd Defence Studies Centre (SDSC), Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, ACT, during November 1983-January 1984

-Was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to do a Ph.D. in International Relation at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, 1989-93

-Was awarded a Senior Fulbright Fellowship at the Department of South Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, February-August 2007



-Post-Doctoral at the Department of South Asia Studies, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), USA  carried out a research on “Democracy Deficits in South Asia: Learning from American Experiences”, February-August 2007 on Senior Fulbright Fellowship


--Ph.D. in International Relations  from the University of Kent at Canterbury(UKC),   UK, (Oct 1989-Dec1993); Specialization: Conflict Studies and regional politics. Thesis on: “Protracted International Conflicts: Case Study of Kashmir, 1947-92” on Commonwealth Scholarship.


 -Masters (M.A.) in  Economics, First Class, 1977, University of Dhaka  (1976-77)


  -B. A. (Hons.) in Economics, Second Class,1976, University of Dhaka; 1972-75


-HSC(Humanities), first division placed first in Humanities Group Jessore Board, 1972


-SSC(Arts), first division, placed first in Arts Group,  Jessore Board, 1969





  1. 1.     Present Position

Professor & Chair, Department of Political Science and Sociology (PSS)

North South University, Dhaka


Joined North South University in May 2009 as Associated Professor. Became Professor in January 2013.


Courses being taught at NSU: International Relations (100 level); China Studies (CHN104); Global Security Perspectives (200 level), Country Risk Analysis (INB355 for BBA))  and International Business (BUS685 for MBA students every semester since Spring 2008)


Courses taught at BRACU: Taught Bangladesh Studies, Bangladesh Economy, Political Economy and Political Science during 2003-2008 almost without break.


2.Positions Held and Research Experiences


i.     Research Director

    Head, Non-traditional Security Studies Division

      Bangladesh Institute of International & Strategic Studies(BIISS)

      [autonomous research body under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

      1/46 Elephant Road, Dhaka 1000  [since February 1, 1994]


 ii.  Senior Research Fellow (equivalent to Associate Professor of universities)

       BIISS, Dhaka [October 1982-Jan 1994, in charge of South Asia Division]


 iii.  Assistant Director(Research)

       BIISS, Dhaka [Aug 1979-October 1982, in change of Middle East and Islamic World]


 iv. Research Officer

     Department of Research

     Bangladesh Bank[central bank of Bangladesh)

     Dhaka [February-end July 1979, worked on Bangladesh’s international trade and economic

     diplomacy, UNCTAD]


v.     Research Associate

     Centre for Urban Studies

     Department of Geography, Dhaka University [Dec 1977-January 1979, was involved in two

      research projects: UNICEF funded Urban Poor, and Urban Development Directorate sponsored

     Housing in Bangladesh]



3.Fellowships Held:


-Held a three months visiting fellowship at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (SDSC), Research Scholl of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, November-December 1983-January 1984 to conduct research on “Defence-Development Relationship in the Context of South Asia”


- Participated in a teaching program on South Asian politics and development at post-graduate level at the Faculte Jean Monnet, Universite de Paris Sud, France, during  November 6-16, 2001


-Participated in teaching program on South Asian Politics at the Faculte Jean Monnet,   Universite de Paris Sud, France, March 29-April 5, 2003


-Held a Senior Fulbright Fellowship the Department of South Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania, during February-August 2007 to conduct research on “Democracy-deficit in the Context of South Asia: Learning from US Experiences”


Undergraduate Level: POL202/INT101  International Relations
                                    CHN104  China Studies

MBA                            : BUS685 International Business



-President, International Studies Association, Bangladesh(ISAB), Dhaka

-Member, Board of Directors, Centre for Alternatives, Dhaka University

 -Member, Bangladesh Economic Association(BEA)

 -President,  Democracy and Development Institute (DDI), Dhaka

-Member, Board of Directors, Foundation for East Asian Studies (FEAS), Bangladesh



Security and Conflict Studies,
Non-traditional Security,
Human Security,
South Asian Politics,
China Studies