Message from the Chair

Welcome to the website of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEED) of NSU.Choosing the right academic program in tertiary level is a crucial step for your career and your life. We offer you a very high quality engineering degree and a unique opportunity to match engineering with the life you’ve always dreamed of achieving. Our engineering program will prepare you for success with core civil engineering knowledge, expert academic advising  Read More


The academic programs under CEED will intrinsically meet and hopefully exceed each ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), USA general criterion, simultaneously satisfying each BAETE (Board of Accreditation of Engineering and Technical Education), Bangladesh program criterion. Thus the department will assign priority to course o erings, faculty selection and course planning in away, so that accreditation standards are properly met. Read More


Civil engineering is considered as the oldest and the most classical form of engineering education, covering diverse elds. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at North South University aspires to engage into applied and productivity oriented research that serve the needs of the targeted communities in a sustainable way. The applied research focuses on the country’s transportation and water sectors to deliver efficient solutions to
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