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SBE Alumni

The SBE Alumni provides opportunities for alumni of the School of Business and Economics and North South University to network with, and support one another, in their ongoing professional development.

Membership to SBE Alumni is free and automatic for all SBE graduates, connecting them to a network of professionals across the world. Just register at

In addition to SBE alumni, we also welcome and would like to include

  • Alumni of North South University from other disciplines who have chosen to associate with the Business School due to professional interest
  • Current and former staff of SBE
  • People who have studied with SBE but not graduated here e.g. study abroad exchange students etc

SBE Alumni Advisory Board

The Association is supported by the SBE Alumni Advisory Board, led by the following alumni:

  • Rana Shahid Hasan, Head of Business Performance in Retail Banking & Wealth Management, HSBC
  • Javed Hossain, Project Analyst, Asian Development Bank
  • Aref Bashir, Managing Director, SynTec
  • Tanim Shakur, Vice President, South East Bank Ltd.
  • Md. Tauhidul Alam, Talent & Development, People & Corporate, Robi Axiata Limited
  • Md. Moniruzzaman, CFA, Managing Director, IDLC Investments Limited
  • Iftekhar Hossain, Product & Portfolio Manager, Microsoft Bangladesh
  • Modammad Kudratullah, Head of Sales, PepsiCo, Transcom Consumer products Ltd.
  • Saidul Amin, Director Operations, AFC Health Ltd./ Fortis Healthcare (India)
  • Noor Mohammad, Director, Human Resources, GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh
  • Shahriar Hasan, Head of Acquisition, Airtel Bangladesh
  • Gazi M. Shamsuddin, COO, Abdul Monem Group
  • Maruful Alam Chowdhury, VP, Performance & Reward, HSBC
  • H.M. Ziaul Hoque Khan, DMD, IDLC Finance Limited
  • Zia Hasan Chowdhury, Country Head, Collections & Recoveries; Retail Clients Risk, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Masudul Amin Rintu, General Manager, Brand & Market Communication, Robi Axiata Ltd.
  • Arif Shahriar, Chief People & Business Performance Officer, Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited
  • Mohammad Jahirul Quayum, Additional Commissioner of Customs, Government of Bangladesh
  • Mohammad Mozahidul Islam, Deputy Director, Grameenphone Ltd.
  • Sajjad Hasib, Director, Sales, Grameenphone Ltd.

The Group meets regularly to discuss alumni engagement events, activities and communications, and works to ensure you find your alumni network rewarding and engaging.

If you would like more information about the SBE Alumni Association, or are interested in getting involved, please contact the School’s Outreach Office:

Some of our Alumni Advisory Board members:

Alumni Stories

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Business School and you are welcome to give as little or as much time as you can offer.  As a volunteer you will be fully supported by the School’s Outreach Office.

The generous support of alumni shall help our current and future students get the most from their time at university, and succeed after graduation.


Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet new and old friends, and to share your skills and expertise with the current generation of SBE students.

  1. Recruiting a SBE student: SBE has a reputation for producing high calibre, employable students and graduates and there are many different ways they can work with your organisation.The University offers a full range of professional and flexible services to enable access to this quality resource.  Contact CPC at to find out how to advertise your vacancy with the University.
  2. Registering to offer advice to students and recent alumni: The SBE Alumni expert provides students and recent graduates with the opportunity to network with individuals from the University’s large pool of alumni.  If you are interested in volunteering your time, please register your interest by emailing us.  Contact us for more information on the scheme.
  3. Become a year representative: SBE has produced graduates since 1997. Become a year representative and the reason for your classmates to reunite. We can assist you to organize year-wise events, visits, directory etc. Contact us for more information on the scheme.
  4. Become a Country Contact: Thousands of SBE alumni live and work outside Bangladesh.  Some have formed their own groups to support, enhance and enjoy the alumni experience, running networking and social events.  You may volunteer as the 'Country Contact' for a particular country, state or region - providing a focal point for alumni, between each other and SBE. Contact us for more information on the scheme.
  5. Help in the future: Busy right now but would like to help out in the future?  Simply register your interest here and we will contact you when appropriate opportunities arise such as:
    • Supplying a profile
    • Offering careers insights to students
    • Offering a work-placement
    • Mentoring a student
    • Mock interviewing a student
    • Providing a venue for an event
  1. Alumni Night 2015 for recent graduates
  2. Meeting of BAB      3. Meeting of AAB


The Office of the Outreach is a fairly new one and have thus not been able to organize many events for alumni. With your support and guidance, we can do much more.

Keep in Touch

We are always pleased to hear from our alumni. To learn more about the range of opportunities available and to remain involved with the Business School, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact the team to

  • Update us here with your new contact details or a change in your career or alternatively email at
  • Order a printed copy of SBE Brochure
  • If you are interested in volunteering please contact us, letting us what area most interests you 

Your contact points

The School of Business and Economics Outreach team is:

Name: Md. Mahabuber Rahaman
Designation: Media & Logistics Officer


Name: Farzana Amin
Designation: Editor & Accounts Officer