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Room: 1017               

North Academic Building

North South University

Plot -15, Block – B, Bashundhara

Dhaka – 1229, Bangladesh

Director, CI at NSU:

Bulbul Ashraf Siddiqi, PhD

Office: 1016, North Academic Building

North South University

Phone: 880-2-55668200/2140


Chinese Director, CI at NSU

Dr. Zhou Weiwei

Office: 1015, North Academic Building

Norh South Unversity

Phone: 880-2-55668200/2141


Office Secretary:

Mr. Maehadi Mamun

Office: 1017, North Academic Buidling

North South University

Phone: 880-2-55668200/2142



Director and Staff

Directors manage CI under the CI board.
Members of the Confucius Institute Advisory Board
Vice Chancellor, NSU
Vice President, YNU
Director, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, YNU
Director, CI at NSU
Chinese Director, CI at NSU

Bulbul Ashraf Siddiqi, PhD, North South University
Dr. Zhou Weiwei,Yunnan University

Teaching Staff
Yu Kuai
Liu Hanyin
Hu Rong (Part-time teacher)
CaoTao, WeiJuan, YuanWeuping, ZhaoWei (Volunteer Teachers)

All teachers at CI are native Chinese and all teaching materials are supplied by the Chinese government

Investment from Chinese Institute Number of Staff Members:

Four staffs for daily management.

Seven members on the Confucius Institute Advisory Board.

Two deans, each from YNU and NSU.

Two financial management staffs.

The NSU staff (including the Dean) work part time.

Members of the Confucius Institute Advisory Board:

Director, CI at NSU, Bulbul Ashraf Siddiqi, PhD
Chinese Director, CI at NSU, Dr. Zhou Weiwei, Yunnan University



Students who are interested in learning Chinese can join our courses offered with support from Yunnan University of China. The course duration is three months starting with beginners' course and leading to a one-year certificate course. After successful completion of the one-year (three levels) course a certificate is awarded.

Importance of learning Chinese

 Importance of learning Chinese language 

  • To foster stronger trade relationships with China
  • To avail job opportunities and higher technical education in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam & many other South East Asian countries
  • To know the mother tongue of the largest number of speakers
  • To have access to one of the major UN languages

Chinese language skills will enable you to pass the HSK Test (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language) and get into the universities of China

Key Features
  • To set the Window of China as our objective, promote the Chinese language in Bangladesh and further all over south Asian area through planning and constructing the institute's work and development and by the means of approaching China, understanding China and experiencing China.
  • To make our effort in strengthening the relationship between China and Bangladesh.


Teaching Activities

Teaching Activities 

  1. Teaching Development
    • The class consists of 7 courses. One of them is a credit course.
    • Regulated by teaching standards and rules. Monitor Teachers classes and organize seminars.
    • Developed activities for practice; such as Chinese language competition, art of paper-cutting and Chinese
    • Added one Chinese classroom in Middle School of Bangladesh and will establish Confucius classroom under CI at NSU
  2. Preparation of teaching materials and books
    • Self prepared the university credit course notes, compiled into the teaching materials.
    • Ready to make one set of local teaching materials (The Great Wall Chinese Language in Bangla language)
  3. Two exhibitions for the Chinese teaching materials were organized with a total number of 3000 visitors, which achieved with a great success.
  4. Chinese Culture Experiment Center is under process, the Chinese library has completed in CI
  5. Established the very first overseas HSK test center in Bangladesh (the Bangladesh North South University HSK Test Center). The first HSK and YCT test is scheduled to be held by the end of this year
Culture Exchange Activities
Chinese Culture Exchange Activities 
  1. Local teachers training program. 23 local teachers have been trained under the program.

  2. Three programs visited China : The Fall camp for the Confucius Institute students; local teachers training class; exchange visit of the Chinese and Bangladesh schools.

  3. Three Seminars : China-South Asia forum -2 times; Book Reading seminar and so on; invited Chinese experts from China and Ambassador of China in Bangladesh.

  4. Established China Studies Centre (CSC), and Ambassador of China in Bangladesh has inaugurated.

Objectives and Plans

Development Objectives and Plans 

Our development objectives and plans consist of 4 points:

  1. Localization of the teaching materials
    • The Great Wall Chinese in Bangladesh
    • Creation of teaching materials
  2. Teaching through the internet
    • Creation of the materials
    • Teaching online
    • Interaction online
  3. Combination Teaching with Cultural Activities
  4. Center Modulation ( Teaching Center, Research Center, Training Center)

Our objective: Try our best to build the Confucius Institute as the model school in the south Asia to make this number one school even more glorious in the south Asia!


There have been more than 10 times that the school has attracted the public comments and media coverage. Reports on SanXun (4 times), Chinese Educational Exhibition, Celebration of Chinese Research Center, Ceremony of donating the audio equipment from the govern of Yunnan province, the Window of China - a special project on publicity within the institute, etc.




  • At least 10 years of schooling.
  • Understanding English.

 Admission Information 

Chinese Language Course Admission Form is available in the NSU Accounts Department for Tk 200. Two passport size photographs with filled out admission form can be submitted along with the course fee of Tk 5000 in favor of Confucius Institute at NSU. Each semester admission deadlines and date of starting of the course are published in dailies of the country.


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Contact Name: 

Bulbul Ashraf Siddiqi, PhD (Director)
Tel: 88-02-5566 8200-2140 
Fax: 88-02-5566 8202




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