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Grading Policy


Letter grades indicating the quality of course work completed is interpreted as follows

Numerical Scores

Letter Grade

Grade Points (Per Credit)

93 and above

A Excellent


90 - 92



87 - 89



83 - 86

B Good


80 - 82



77 - 79



73 - 76

C Average


70 - 72



67 - 69



60 - 66

D Poor


Below 60

F* Failure



I** Incomplete



W** Withdrawal


*   Credits for courses with this grade do not apply towards graduation.
** Credits for courses with this grade do not apply towards graduation and they are not accepted in the calculation of the grade point average.

The exact cut off points for assigning letter grades is at the discretion of individual instructor. The same applies to the assignment of + or - after a letter grade. It is meant to give more flexibility so that shades of performance can be distinguished and rewarded. The + and - has a value of 0.3 grade point. 


Grade Point Average (GPA)

Students' grade-point averages are numerical values obtained by dividing the total grade points earned by the credits attempted. Only courses' graded A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, and F are used to determine credits attempted. Only the grades earned in the courses that are required for a degree are included in the GPA calculation. Grades earned in other courses are reported on the transcript but are not counted in calculating the GPA.

GPA - Class Equivalence

NSU students are graded on GPA. Comparison of the GPA earned by NSU students to the Classes earned by students in other universities in the country is as follows:
GPA 3.00 and above = First Class
GPA 2.50 to 2.99 = Second Class
GPA 2.00 to 2.49 = Third Class


Grade Change

Grade change is strongly discouraged. Letter grades may be changed only for posting errors or errors in calculation. If a grade change is inevitable, it must be completed within one semester following the submission of the grade. The program directors and department chairs will ask for necessary papers and records to substantiate the grade change.


Incomplete (I)

The grade of Incomplete (I) may be used in special circumstances. The Incomplete may be given only at the end of a semester to a student whose work is progressing but who has left unfinished a small amount of work for completion without further class attendance. The instructor must file with the Registrar an Incomplete Grade form describing the work to be completed, indicating a tentative final grade to be assigned if the work is not completed and the time period in which the work must be completed (no longer than the following semester).
The student has the responsibility to take the initiative in completing the work and is expected to make up the incomplete as specified by the instructor. If action is not taken, the "I" grade will revert to the tentative final grade. The final grade becomes an "F" if no tentative grade is assigned. In the event the instructor from whom a student received an incomplete is not available, the disposition of a case involving an incomplete grade resides with the Chair of the department. The grade 'I' must be replaced within one semester after the grade is assigned.


Withdrawal (W)

The grade Withdrawal (W) is assigned when a student officially drops a course during the period between the ends of the third and twelfth weeks. Prior to that time if a student drops a course, no entry is made on the academic record. A "W" does not affect the student's GPA.


Retaking Courses
A student may repeat a course in which the grade is 'B' or lower. When a student retakes a course, the actual grade will be recorded. In case of a retake course, only the best grade will be used to calculate the CGPA. An "F" grade earned in any credit course will be used to calculate CGPA until the course is retaken/ replaced by taking another appropriate course, and a better grade is obtained. The retake policy in case of courses with "F" grades applies to all students of NSU irrespective of their date of enrollment. A student who wishes to retake a course must register for the course again and will be assessed for tuition and applicable fees.


Abandoning Course

Grade F will be recorded for students who have not fulfilled academic obligations and have not obtained a grade, and for students who abandon their courses without officially withdrawing from a course.